By: Bernardo Jimenez

As we get older, more and more technology is created. This tech could help humanity or take it over, the future is not clear.

We all knew robots were going to arrive eventually, and they’re finally here. Many companies, like Quiet Logistics, have been experimenting with the new LOCUS robot. These robots help retrieve and seal orders in delivery warehouses. As soon as someone orders something, the LOCUS knows exactly where to go. Finally, a fast delivery.

There have always been many problems with getting your package stolen. You finally find that perfect dress you were looking for or your favorite shoes only to end up having them stolen. Now, companies like Amazon have developed smart locks. These locks let delivery people access your home. This idea was actually released in 2017, but expect more partnerships between delivery services and smart home technology. This might be a bad idea letting a stranger into your house, but security companies are also creating partnerships so your home can be safe too.

Recently, Google has been experimenting with new photo apps that can make your photos look better or introduce you to fun, new tricks. They recently released a new video introducing these new apps. Google is also working on the Pixel 2. This new smartphone can detect the outline of the subject and blur out the background.