By: Christine Joseph

There are a lot of famous YouTubers now, too many for one article. From views to subscribers to likes,here we will be counting down the biggest youtuber on the platform to the well-known channels in 2018.

  1. PewDiePie-

PewDiePie (Real name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg) is a gaming channel that dominated Youtube over the past few years. He also does reaction videos on other youtubers or on memes and popular YouTube news. Now he has 60,401,894 million subscribers.

  1. HolaSoyGerman-

German Garmendia is a Chilean youtuber who makes comedy videos for mostly spanish-speaking audiences. He first became famous with his video called “Las Cosas Obvias De La Vida.” (The obvious things in life.) He was second only to top YouTuber PewDiePie in adding subscribers in 2013. He has 33,181,663 million subscribers and 2.1 billion total views.

  1. JennaMarbles/JennaMarblesBlog

Jenna Marbles (real name: Jenna Mourey) also posts very miscellaneous content on her channel from trying out beauty products to feeding her dogs peanut butter. But one video made her gain fame. It is called “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” Her channel has 17,836,801 million subscribers and 1.8 billion views total.

  1. TheFineBros/TheFineBros2-

This channel is basically about reacting to various miscellaneous things on the internet, including letting children, elders, and parents react to these ridiculous items. TheFineBros have 16,716,461 million subscribers and 3.3 billion total views.

  1. Epic Rap Battles (ERB)-

This channel has one of the most successful series on youtube itself. It has 14,268,568 million subscribers and over 1.9 billion total views. This is a comedy channel with corny but hilarious rap battles based off of pop culture and history against each other.