By: Camille Walker

Elizabeth Koshy, better known as Liza, is a social media star with over 13 million subscribers on YouTube and 15 million followers on Instagram. Not only is she famous on social media, but also, she is an actress and appears in “Escape The Night” (a YouTube Red Original Series starring Joey Graceffa) and “Freakish” where she plays Violette Adams, a regular high school girl trapped inside of her school.

As many already know, Liza Koshy attended Pin Oak Middle School from 2007-2010. In fact in one of her many videos, Liza shows a picture taken in the cafeteria at her 8th grade dance. You can find this picture in the video titled,”REACTING TO MY OLD CRINGEY PHOTOS”.  Liza shares many of the teachers current student might know including Mr. Meyer (6C), Mr. Switzer (6B), Mr. Allen (previous Pin Oak teacher).

Liza was a student in B house for all of her three years at POMS. Mr. Gomez (7B) said,”She was a very funny and annoying, but I would occasionally hear her crack a joke and I couldn’t help but laugh.” He also remembers seeing her in the hallway with all of her friends. He said that she was very well known, because Liza was very talkative. Mr. Gomez also remembers she was a B student with an occasional A. Also, Mr. Gomez recalls saying to Liza,”If you don’t behave your not going to make it.” He said that Liza responded with,”Watch me, I am going to be famous!”

Liza was mentioned in many POMS yearbooks. In the 2008 yearbook she was listed on page 8 as a Top 10 Favorite. This page asked random students what their favorite things are. Liza’s question was,”What is your favorite color and why?” Liza comedically responded with,”Blue because my birthstone is blue and blue skies are blue-tiful.” Her 7th grade year (2009) Liza is shown in a group called Girl Power. This group went to places like Whole Foods and tested beauty products and much more. Also, on page 53, it shows that Liza was on the Student Council. In the 2010 yearbook, Liza is seen on page 32 with clay on her hands. She is also viewed on page 53, holding the first place trophy for the spelling bee, the caption reads, “Elizabeth Koshy wins the spelling bee.” Little did we know Liza was a spelling wiz.

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