By: Mehran Kooshiar

Fortnite: A game you probably have heard of, though how did it become so popular? First of all let’s talk about the game itself. Fortnite is a battle royale game where there are 100 players in one zone and they are forced to fight until there is one player left. The game came out as a beta (or a game test) on July 25, 2017 and started as a free game. The game intrigued most players because Battle royale games were gaining popularity and because it was free. The game also took over YouTube, with most popular streamers and “YouTubers” playing and reviewing the game. The game has been showing more attention from kids and young adults as most people who play it previously played more kid-like games.

Also, in Fortnite, the game has been showing a different variety then most battle royale games. In the game you can make microtransactions to purchase add ons. You can also purchase dance moves such as Fresh, from Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Floss, the dance performed by the infamous BackPack Kid. You can also purchase skins, gliders, and pickaxes, though none of the purchases can affect your gameplay in anyway.

The game also intrigues most players in-game because most players can perform trickshots which proves skill and accuracy to themselves. This feature is what gives most players a reason to post content online. The community following of the game shows this a lot as there is a big part of the popularity and the overall “existence” of the game. The community also takes into account that most streamers and YouTubers are getting popular for performing trickshots or being overall good at the game.

Overall the game has won over the most skilled, fearful, and talented players in its community by being the battle royale style games that are so popular while keeping itself relevant.