By: Sofie Turck

Have you ever heard of the Puppy Bowl? The Puppy Bowl comes on annually before the Super Bowl. It is a mirror creation of the super bowl except with puppies. Every puppy in the puppy bowl is from a shelter, and up for adoption. So if you’re thinking that the puppy bowl is pointless, think again because it’s giving a chance for these puppies to get a “fur-ever” home! These puppies are so popular that a majority of them are adopted even before the show airs!

There are two teams that participate in the puppy bowl, Team Fluff and Team Ruff. This year, on Team Fluff, the team members were Alvin, Ana, Bear, Biscuit, Blueberry Pie, Buckalew, Buttons, Chance, Checkers, Joy, Kaleb Junior, Lila, Luna, Mango, Olympia, Sally, Sophie, Stripe, Sunny, Tyler, and Vaughn. On Team Ruff the team members were Barry, Boomer, Carlo, Clyde, Edwin, Hannah, J-Paw, Joker, Juniper, Kelly Barkson, Kitsy, Miss Brie, Moonshine, Morris, Mr. Wigglesworth, Peanut, Petree, and Savannah.

Victoria Allen in 7B was able to tune into the Puppy Bowl. She said,”I enjoyed it because it was super cute. My favorite puppy was Lucky because he was so athletic and he was small for his age. I wanted Ruff to win because they didn’t win last year. I really wanted to adopt Lucky because he would’ve gotten along with my dog.”

The Puppy Bowl XIV aired on Animal Planet on February 4th right before the Super Bowl at 3pm. The Puppy Bowl featured the “Pup-troits” and the “B-eagles” who both played a “re-bark-able” game. Aside from all the adorable little puppies there were also some other furry friends included in this puppy bowl. There was a kitty halftime show where internet famous cat Prince Michael and DJ Phil performed. There were also duck, pig, and rabbit cheerleaders, and a bird that tweeted about the game. There was even a sloth as the referee’s assistant! A keyboard playing chicken, who appeared on America’s Got Talent, did the National Anthem. Also, some hearing and sight impaired dogs participated in the puppy bowl.

There were a couple awards given at the puppy bowl. The MVP (most valuable puppy) was given to Bear, and the underdog reward was given to Mr. Wigglesworth. The biggest win of all, however, was Team Fluff taking home the Lombarky trophy after a 52-47 win. If you weren’t able to watch the Puppy Bowl, but now really want to, you don’t have to wait until next Super Bowl Sunday to watch it. You can go over to the Animal Planet website to look up Puppy Bowl XIV, and there will be the full game that is free to watch. You better get cozy because you are about to be watching the cutest “Super Bowl” out there!