By: Adriana Fabiani

The eighth grade election is nearing the end, with primaries already completed and the final election coming up. There are three candidates still in the running, one from each party. Nicholas Moore for the Bronco party, Maia Vo for the Palomino party, and Chris Shu for the Mustangs are the candidates still remaining.

These three candidates are rallying support through posters in the hallways, speeches during team time, and rubber bracelets with the name of the party on them. All of these things are in an effort to gain support and Charger Bucks.

Charger Bucks are a form of payment supporters give candidates. This money is used to buy posters, messages on the TVs, and other things that will make their candidacy known.

The winner of the election will become President of POMS. They will push to pass new school rules that they think are more reasonable and that better for students.

Dress code is a major issue facing candidates during the election this year. They think it should be more relaxed and laid back. There are some other issues candidats want to address, such as, lunch food, and in Nick Moore’s case, toilet paper! He says that we should feel comfortable going to the restroom during school. He also believes that said paper “is not getting the job done”

So, eighth graders, donate Charger Bucks and support your candidates! And, candidates, the final election is coming up soon so rally your supporters!