By: Morgan Peden

On Thursday, February 1st, there was a robbery at a gas station. When the police officers arrived, they learned that the robber had fired a gunshot through the window, but no one was hit. Then the robber fled the scene. The officers were told about the man’s description and license plate by the witnesses.  HPD officers then requested assistance from the HPD Air Support Division. The police helicopters located the man’s vehicle and officers arrived at the location. They asked him to drop his gun but he didn’t listen and tried to run away. He was fatally shot.

At Pin Oak Middle School, the increased police activity was noticed and the school went into lockdown until more information was given. Usually the reason a school goes into lockdown under direction of the police department or HISD. In the main office, they went into the hallway where they used walkie-talkies to monitor the situation. What the main office does depends on the kind of lockdown it is. Throughout this lockdown, Officer Cuevas was communicating with the police department so they could have constant updates on the situation.

If it was an intruder lockdown, things would play out differently. A lockdown is to keep us from danger, so if it was a intruder lockdown, the students would need to hide.  Mrs. Graves’ voice would come over the speakers saying, “Intruder in the building, please take cover.” Thankfully, the students were not in danger during the recent lockdown.

When asked what changes were made after the school shooting in Florida, she replied “We’ve added lockdown and intruder guidance on the substitutes’ packet” and explained that this would insure that the substitutes would know what to do.