By: Shaan Desai

Every year, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  At CES, big and small technology companies reveal their new products. This CES, we saw a lot of new tech that will for sure excite. Here is some of the most impressive new tech:


Samsung “The Wall”

At CES, we saw a lot of TVs, but we thought “The Wall” was one of the coolest.  The average size of a wall in the United States is 146 inches, and that is the exact size of “The Wall”.  It’s also “modular”, so you can change the size of it to fit your wall. It uses Micro LEDs to individually light each pixel. You can use this feature to have the TV display fake accessories on your wall such as a shelf or a fireplace.


Byton Concept Car

You probably haven’t heard of Byton, but they really impressed at CES with their concept car. Yes, it was only a concept, but it had a lot of really cool features. It had a colossal widescreen spanning across the dashboard that tells the driver and passenger information such as music and driving info.. In addition to that, it had a screen on the steering wheel that acts as a control for music and other controls. It had intelligent cameras rather than mirrors. The Byton car was definitely one of the coolest cars at CES.


Razer Project Linda

Razer is one of the most popular gaming companies. They sell products from gaming mice to webcams optimized for live streamers. At CES, they revealed something truly different. In late 2017, they revealed the Razer Phone, a phone optimized for gaming. Also in 2017, they revealed the Razer Blade, a laptop optimized for gaming. When combining these, you get Project Linda. Project Linda consists of a laptop “shell” without a trackpad and a Razer Phone. Put the Razer Phone where the trackpad should be and you have a powerful Android laptop running on a phone.


Acer Swift 7

At CES, Acer revealed the thinnest laptop in the world, and it’s called the Swift 7. For its size, it’s surprisingly powerful, with an Intel i7 processor and connection to 4G LTE data. It is 8.98 millimeters thick. However, it’s surprisingly heavy. One very weird thing about it is that it’s webcam is on the bottom of the screen. It’s got a built-in fingerprint scanner and is meant for the super portable person.


ForwardX CX-1 Suitcase

Suitcases have a lot of problems, such as getting lost. How about a suitcase that follows you around? The ForwardX CX-1 suitcase follows you around the airport using a built-in camera that tracks you. Using its sensors, it will follow you through the airport. Just be ready for people to watch you walking through the airport.


Aeolus Robot

We’ve seen a lot of home robots, but how many of them will grab you a Coke from your fridge? Aeolus, named after a Greek mythology character, can learn where certain items are, and do different functions with them. You can also get Aeolus to sense what different items are and put them back to their rightful place. In my opinions, this was one of the coolest robots at CES 2018.


Overall, there was a lot of interesting tech at CES 2018. It was largely dominated by robots and products with Amazon Alexa built-in. Hopefully, we will see even cooler tech at CES 2019.