By: Sarah Wechsler Kelly

Having access to the internet with just one click isn’t always be a good thing. Have you ever been surfing the internet and come across a crazy challenge? Some of those challenges may be more dangerous than you would think. Here are some dangerous trends and challenges that you SHOULD NOT DO if you want to stay in one piece.

The “Cinnamon Challenge” is one of the dangerous challenges that has become popular on the internet. The “Cinnamon Challenge” is where you try to eat a spoonful of cinnamon in under sixty seconds while filming yourself. You may be wondering, why is this challenge so dangerous. The sole reason is because cinnamon is caustic (able to burn or corrode organic tissue), and when too much of the powder is inhaled it can cause throat swelling and respiratory issues, causing you to choke. It can even lead to your lungs collapsing and not being able to breath.

Another dangerous challenge is the “Salt and Ice Challenge.” This challenge is where you put salt onto your skin or palm and put an ice cube on top to see how long you can hold the two together. Whoever holds the two together the longest or endures the most pain “wins.” What do you win? Nothing good, just very painful second and third degree burns.

Have you ever heard of people eating Tide pods? This popular trend has fired up the internet recently. The challenge works with the participant chewing up a Tide pod and ingesting the laundry detergent. There has also been the case of people frying Tide pods in frying pans, then eating the pod. This is a very dangerous challenge because the laundry detergent contained in Tide pods is highly toxic and not meant for consumption. Ingesting these chemicals (which are also caustic) can cause breathing problems, vomiting, burns to your esophagus, coma, and even death.

Remember never to try any of these at home and encourage your friends to not take any part in these challenges. Also, be sure to research effects of doing these crazy things to you body before you harm yourself!