By: Michael Hall and Saatvik Kumar

Fortnite and PUBG are some of the most popular video games around right now. They are both 100 player games where the arena gets smaller and smaller, pushing players together so they can eliminate each other. These battle royale games are both amazing with their ups and downs, but lately the discussion is about which one is better.

Fortnite is a great game with plenty of good features. It was released on September 26, 2017 and started out small, but by December it blew up.  First of all, it is an easy game to play and takes only medium skill to master, so it’s good for beginners to play. Also the graphics are really nice so the game’s landscapes look really amazing. Lastly, Fortnite has emotes (in game dance moves and cliparts) that are interesting like the Electric Shuffle and Floss.

Even though Fortnite has many great attributes, it’s not all good. There is not very much realism in Fortnite due to the fact that it’s animated. Also people who are good at video games won’t face too much of a challenge because of the fact that there are “noobs” in Fortnite. Finally, Fortnite has less rewards for winning a game, which can be kind of annoying.

PUBG came into early access on Steam (a website where can you can purchase games) on March 23rd, 2017. It later released as a full game on December 20th, 2017.

PUBG is a game oriented towards veteran battle royale players. While Fortnite is a casual battle royale that rarely punishes its players, PUBG constantly punishes at every turn. Fortnite players can easily have a full loadout with defensive boosts after looting as few as 3 houses, while in PUBG, players must raid apartment complex after apartment complex for sufficient ammunition attachments, boosts, and defenses. While this might deter new players from enjoying PUBG, its punishing nature ensures players will learn quickly. Players will eventually learn which weapons are worth picking up, which attachments are beneficial, and which are simply a waste of inventory space.

While some say that PUBG is boring and a 20 minute simulation of sitting in a bush, PUBG is easily the most intense game depending on where you decide to drop. You can either reenact the previous statement by dropping in the middle of nowhere, or you can turn PUBG into an all out war by dropping in the middle of crowded towns and trying to fight your way out.

However, in the end, PUBG has obvious flaws. Players must invest a solid amount of time into the game to get good, and with various advanced mechanics, new players can easily get swamped with trying to figure all of it out. Even if they do manage to figure all of them out, games can easily turn into 20 minutes of hoping someone walks through your building on accident. Trying to make the game interesting by dropping in a contested area usually ends in a quick match (you’ll probably get eliminated) and complaints of how you obviously shot first and how that was obviously an hacker.

In the end, the games come down to preference. Fortnite is a more casual, fast paced game with mechanics that make the game even more inviting to beginners.  PUBG is an intense, drawn out experience with mechanics intended to make the game more lifelike and tougher.