By: India Helzer

April Fools is a day full of silliness, pranks, and fun of all kinds! And even though it is not a legal holiday, it is celebrated all around the world! Although no one knows how this bizarre holiday was started, there are many theories.

Some think that the first time that playing jokes and April first were associated was in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales from 1392. In this, a fox tricks a rooster on the 32nd of March (or April 1st). Other theories involve the Vernal Equinox. Several people think that it involved the Roman’s celebration end of winter celebration called Hilaria.

Others believe that April Fools Day began to be celebrated when a new calendar was adopted in 1582. Before this calendar was put into use, New Years Day was on April 1st. After the Gregorian calendar was adopted, many people refused to follow it and continued celebrating New Years on the first day of April. People called those who refused to acknowledge the new calendar fools. These “fools” were sent on fools errands to look for things that didn’t exist. Hence the name April Fools Day.

No matter how you believe April Fools day was started, it is a blast to celebrate. Whether you go all out for pranks or are the one being late, it is fun for everyone!