By: William Peng

Every year, on February 14th, people go to the store and by cards, chocolates and flowers for people they love. This year, $18.6 billion dollars were spent on Valentine’s Day gifts; that’s a lot of money! You might know Valentine’s Day as a day to get free candy, with a lot of hearts everywhere. But, do you know the true story of how Valentine’s Day became an actual holiday? Do you know why it’s even called Valentine’s Day? There are actually many myths of Valentine’s Day but here are a few of them.

According to the first story, Valentine was a priest. The king of Rome, Emperor Claudius II, thought that single men were much better at fighting in wars than married men, so he outlawed young men from getting married. Valentine, however, thought that was a terrible idea, and continued to perform marriages behind the king’s back. He was discovered and killed.

The second story states that Valentine was attempting to help Christians escape prison when… he got caught and killed, the end.

Finally we have the last story, the story which most people believe is the true origin of Valentine’s Day. A story where Saint Valentine was the imprisoned one. He was in jail and had an affair with the jailer’s daughter, Julia, before Valentine was to be executed. He wrote a letter that said, “from your Valentine”, which is still a term used today! After St. Valentine was buried, Julia planted an almond tree with pink blossoms near his grave. The almond tree today is a symbol of lasting friendship and love.

Although nobody knows what the actual story is, a couple of myths is a good way to sum it up!