By: Natalie Linde

Do you have problems with taking notes? Are your class worksheets unorganized? Well, I have a solution for you – wait, never mind, make that 5 solutions.

For one, you want to highlight all the important words and numbers on the page. An example would be assigning a blue highlighter to important dates, and a yellow one to important events or equations.

Secondly, use different fonts for words that should stand out. So if you were writing about the civil war, maybe the name Robert E. Lee should be like Robert E. Lee. This is an alternative to highlighting, if you want your notes to be easier to read.

Thirdly, use bullet points. They can organize your notes by giving:

  • A main point
  • a sub point
  • and maybe even more sub-sub points
  • and back to another subpoint

You can also use symbols for the bullet points like:

    • An arrow,
      • Or even a simple box.

Fourth, you can make banners for titles and headers. Right here, you can see an easy way to draw a simple banner.

Lastly, layout. You can write it all straight down the page, or make squares for different subjects with different headers. You can even use the Cornell method, which is a way to divide your paper into three sections: vocab, actual notes, and a summary of the lesson.