By: Emma De Los Santos

Saint Patrick’s Day is a loved holiday, celebrated on March 17. This year it lies on a Saturday. On Saint Patrick’s Day everyone wears green, and tradition states that if you don’t wear green you are giving the world permission to pinch you.

Saint Patrick’s Day’s first celebration was on March 17, 1737. This holiday is celebrated on the day Saint Patrick died. He was a missionary and also a very famous man in Ireland. Some people said that he was the man that drew away all the snakes from Ireland, but there were no snakes in Ireland to begin with!

Saint Patrick’s Day was made a Christian feast day, because Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. On this day people went to church services, many people now don’t attend services on this day. The holiday involves public parades and festivals. People used to wear shamrocks, but today most people try to find four leaf clovers.

Did you know that four leaf clovers have nothing to do with Saint Patrick’s Day? A lot of people get shamrocks and four leaf clovers mixed up, some people don’t even know the difference between them. Shamrocks only have 3 leaves, while four leaf clovers have 4. Four leaf clovers are a rare type of clover, they are just misshapen three leaf clovers, that is why they are considered lucky.

Saint Patrick’s Day has come very far and is now is celebrated all over the world. Saint Patrick’s Day is currently celebrated in more places than any other holiday.