By: Leah Norton

We all wait for Spring Break to come around, but when it finally does, you usually find yourself sitting on your bedroom floor with nothing to do. Well, go get out your smartphone, tablet, or other device because here are the best shows to binge watch and give you something to do when your friends ditch you for some 5 star resort.

Riverdale: Jason Blossom is said to have fallen out of a boat and drowned while out with his sister. When his body is discovered up on shore, it seems more believable, but is there still more to the story? Watch as a small town turns distraught while the truth unravels. There is currently one season of Riverdale on Netflix, but season two airs Wednesdays on the CW.      

Stranger Things: When a young boy suddenly goes missing, its up to his friends to find him. When all hope seems lost, they meet Eleven. She tells the boys things that they think are impossible, but when all the pieces start to fit, they realize that she may be telling the truth. Stranger Things is a Netflix Original show and currently has two seasons. It is an entertaining horror show that is sure to draw you in.

Friends: A tight group of friends learn the importance of friendship and loyalty through an interesting journey. The show has ten seasons showing the ups and downs of friendship. Watch the affairs, heartbreak, and secrets open to laughs and cries.

Greenhouse Academy: When a mother of two suddenly dies while on her mission to space, everyone suspects it was just a malfunction. Soon after, the kids find themselves going to the same school as their mom, and learn some things about their mom they hadn’t before. Watch as the Greenhouse works together to find the truth. There are currently 2 seasons of Greenhouse Academy on Netflix.

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