By: Shaan Desai
Most people have their favorite TV shows. Whether it’s Modern Family, America’s Got Talent, or Saturday Night Live. However, like with many things, it costs money to watch TV. That’s why Pin Oak Press compiled a list of the best sites that offer free TV.

Yahoo View
Created by Yahoo, Yahoo View is a website that has recently aired episodes of shows available from NBC, ABC, FOX and more to watch for free on their website, Out of all the websites on this list, I recommend this one the most because it has a voluminous amount of high quality TV shows.

You might be surprised, but a bunch of YouTube channels post free episodes of different TV shows. For example, if I search up “Modern Family”, YouTube will give you an option to rent the show in order to watch it. However, if you search up “Modern Family full episodes”, the search results will list videos with full episodes of Modern Family. However, some of these videos will tell you to click on a link in the description. More than likely, these links will lead to a website that infects your computer with a virus. Stay away from these links and only click on the videos with a full episode. However, the video will often be really blurry, and often ends up deleted by YouTube due to copyright issues, so if you want high quality episodes, use Yahoo View, listed above.

Official Channel Sites
Many of the official sites for channels (,,, etc.) will offer free recent episodes of their shows. For example, if you want to watch America’s Got Talent, will have multiple episodes available to watch for free in high quality. This is a great way to find free episodes of your TV shows if the two methods above were unsuccessful.

Other Options
If you can’t find your show on any of the above websites, try Pluto TV, Tubi TV, and Sony Crackle. Pluto TV has many live channels from top companies, but because the schedule for Pluto TV isn’t set, it will be difficult to find a certain TV show. Tubi TV has many unpopular shows, and as a final resort, you can check Sony Crackle, but it will likely not have your show.

If you want to watch your shows for free, these 4 methods will be your best bet. Using Yahoo View, YouTube, Official Channel Sites, and Tubi TV, you should be able to find recent episodes of the most popular shows. If you have any comments or recommendations, leave a comment at our website, We’d love to hear your thoughts!