By: Guadalupe Hernandez

As school has started, some students are struggling. To help students  have a better school year, here are some back to school tips!


  • Eat a healthy breakfast to start off your day


Kick off your day by eating a healthy breakfast that will keep you up throughout the school day. Try something that will fill you up and fuel you up at the same time.

  1. Always keep track in the student planner

Writing down homework in the student planner can help students plan ahead and not forget about their assignments. Keeping track of holidays, tests, and important dates are a few examples of what to write in the planner.

  1. Keep books, binders, and notebooks for each class together on a shelf

Keeping supplies for each class together will help you grab them all at once.

  1. Use class time wisely

If students are done with their in class assignments, they may do homework for other classes or may ask the teacher for extra help.

  1. Pack a lunch the day before

Packing a lunch a day before will save students time in the morning to eat breakfast and get ready for school.
As long as students follow these tips, they will have a great school year. Thank you to for some of these tips!