By: Bailey Sutton

The new school year has started along with a pile of new school supplies. As the school year goes on, it gets hard to keep track of supplies while keeping a organized locker. There are a few simple tricks that can help keep a nice and tidy locker.


  • Keeping Books in One Place


Try moving textbooks and binders to one side of a locker and have notebooks and other supplies on the opposite side. That way, when someone is in a rush to get to the next class, all they have to do is grab and go. When books are organized to be in a certain place, it not only makes it easier to get books faster, but can also make more room in your locker.

  1. Having a Locker Shelf

Having a locker shelf can allow someone to place their backpack and lunchbox on top of the shelf and have school supplies underneath. Backpacks can get in the way if they hang too low from the hook, or are too big for the locker. This makes it hard to grab books. Using a shelf moves bagage out of the way, making it easier to grab school materials.

  1. Not Misplacing Supplies

When running late for a class, people tend to throw their books into their lockers, not wanting to be late for the next period. This can cause problems after that class. If the books were put in balancing on the door, as soon as you open it, all of the books will fall on the floor (or hit someone on the head for top locker people). Even if you are running late, it is best to place books neatly to prevent this horrible accident from happening.

  1. Bottom Locker Advice

It can be extremely annoying when supplies are dropped from the locker above. Even though this is very annoying, don’t get angry at them. Usually these things happen on accident and are not intended. Just help pick up the books and ask if they need help.

Using these tips can help keep a clean and tidy locker for the school year. As long as you maintain your locker, you can expect an organized and easy school year.