By: Whitely McBride

Most people know that Ms. Ballard is the house C principal, but who really knows Ms. Ballard? Did you know that Ms. Ballard has been working at Pin Oak Middle School since 2002?

When it first opened she was a 6th grade  English teacher right here at Pin Oak. She actually taught here for 8 years before leaving and then thankfully coming back as an assistant principal. Ms. Ballard’s birthday, October 5, is right around the corner! Her favorite colors are Charger blue, red, and pink.

Ms. Ballard’s came to Pin Oak was because she loved the the idea of  having a big school that is divided into houses so students still feel like they are in a smaller community. She has worked for every principal that Pin Oak has had. She came back to Pin Oak three times over the years because she loves how much Pin Oak offers to the students, like the Pin Oak Press. She also appreciates her relationships with the students; she loves laughing, making jokes with them, helping them when they are sad, and just being around middle schoolers in general.

Ms. Ballard’s transition from being a teacher to an assistant principal was a thoughtful process. Her dilemma was that she loves to teach and be in the classroom, but she wanted to make a different kind of impact. She found that she’s very happy with the role of being an assistant principal. She’s able to work closely with the teachers, and she’s still close with the students, continuing to make an impact on the students lives. She does miss all of the teachers and principals that have moved on from Pin Oak, but she’s excited for them because they’re following their paths and their dreams.

Ms. Ballard grew up in a really small town near Waco, Texas. She graduated highschool with 34 other people in her grade level. She’s the youngest of 4. She has 2 sisters and 1 brother. She also received her bachelor’s degree from Southwest Texas State University in St Marckus. She moved to Houston in 2002 after graduating with her master’s degree from the University of Texas in Austin.