By: Jasmine Sesay

Have you ever had those moments where nothing goes right for you and it seems like everything is against you? Well, don’t worry! These things happen to everyone. Here are some of the Pin Oak Press’ most annoying moments:


  1. Getting an eyelash in your eye


  1. People walking slowly in front of you and blocking the whole walkway


  1. Watching tv then, suddenly, the commercial comes on


  1. Having to pee every 5 minutes after you drink a lot of water


  1. When you look good in the mirror but you actually look ugly when you take a selfie


  1. When the teacher gets in the way of the board when you’re taking notes
  2. People chewing gum loudly with their mouth open


  1. When you can’t comb through your hair because it’s too tangly


  1. When your classmates keep asking for a pencil and paper almost every single day


  1. When your lips are dry and chapped, even after you drink a lot of water and apply chapstick


  1. When you hold a door for someone but they don’t say thank you


  1. When your mom calls your name from across the room and you answer but there is no answer from her


  1. When your phone is at 100% but after a few minutes it is at 20%


  1. When everything you have studied isn’t on the test


  1. When your teacher constantly calls on you


  1. When you randomly lose your headphones/earbuds


  1. When your friends ask you to share your food


  1. That one kid who reminds the teacher about homework


  1. When you order something specific and they don’t get your order right


  1. When someone stares at you for no reason


  1. When you ask your parents a simple question, but they get mad and turn it into a lecture


  1. When you can’t take off your headphones because your hair is stuck in them


  1. When you accidentally bite your tongue


  1. When you’re eating and then all of a sudden you have to sneeze


  1. When you’re walking and someone steps on the back of your shoe