By: Elise Barnette

Have you ever been caught in your thoughts, or distracted while you’re reading a book? Maybe you just don’t like reading in general? Well, books have been scientifically proven to boost your happiness, vocabulary, grades, and imagination!

First, you should pick the right book for you. Think about what genre you like the best. You should choose a book that has most of your interests in it. The key to liking reading, is to choose books that you like.

Ask some of your friends and family what some of their favorite books are. That way, you could at least see what they’re about, and if you would enjoy them. This will give you more options about choosing books to read. You should also ask other people what their favorite genre is, so you could see if you would try reading that genre.

Sometimes, a movie can be based on a book that you didn’t even know about. Try getting that book you didn’t know about and see if you enjoy it. Most of the time when a movie is based on a book, the movie leaves out many of the details that are in the book.

If you’re a one of those people that get distracted by noise easily, you probably won’t get to enjoy your book. Choose an area that is less noisy and comfortable for you, so you can actually read your book. This will help you be able to focus more.

You should try to set goals on how many pages you want to read a day. This way, you can tell what the comfortable amount of pages in a book you want to read daily. You will definitely like reading better when you find the right amount of pages you can read!

Be sure to follow these tips if you want to find the right book for you and enjoy reading books. Make reading a hobby for you. Now, go read your book!