By Sara Diwan

The thunder boomed and lightning lit up the sky repeatedly, as the rain crashed down to the ground. It was so windy that even the biggest trees shook. I hated days like this, where there was so much noise that I couldn’t sleep. I wish I was more like my 11 year brother who could sleep through anything.

I got up to get water, but then I realized I would have to walk down 2 floors to get to the kitchen. I wouldn’t go on the elevator because I was afraid of going on it during the night. So I guess I would just have to go down the stairs. I would have to talk to my parents about getting a water tank on every floor. We had 4 floors in our mansion, the second floor was my parents, the third was mine, and the fourth was my brothers.

When I walked down, I looked over to Mini’s, our pet poodle’s, bed. We got her two days ago. What I saw was and empty red dog bed, made of velvet, with a blue ball on it. Then, my sapphire eyes noticed a man, he was staring at me, Mini in hand. Diamonds sparkled around her neck. Beautiful ones which caused Mini to always be the center of attention. I needed to get her back.

I jumped on the man, but that did nothing. A skinny fifteen year old was no match for a muscular, 6 foot man. He easily pushed me off, my fiery red hair covering my eyes. I quickly pushed my hair out of my face, and I noticed his eyes, they were green like emeralds. But I only saw him for a second because that’s when he leaped out of the window, into the stormy night, never to return.

I yelled,“Mom, Dad, come here!” I heard them stomping down the stairs. Even my brother, Alex, came downstairs. I’m surprised he woke up. “Lily, what is it?” My mom asked. “Mini was kidnapped!” I replied.”There was this muscular guy, about 6 feet tall, with green eyes. He took her and just jumped out the window.” “I’ll call the police and tell them what happened,” my dad declared. So the police came, and I had to give a statement about what I saw. We also told them what was in the collar, which was the whole reason Mini was kidnapped.

I knew no one really cared about our poodle, they only cared about her collar which was worth millions. What’s even worse, inside the diamonds my parents had hidden the key to their bank safe. They had a special tool to open it. I wanted my poodle back, so I would find the evil man who stole her. It was simple: it was probably one of my parents enemies and they were all going to be at the production party tomorrow.

Hi, I’m Lily Worthington. I am the daughter of two big movie stars, Charles and Stephanie Worthington. I am fifteen years old and have a little brother. I have always wanted to be a detective, but my mom wanted me to be an actress and made me do all sorts of different acting classes. Sure, acting is fun, but being a detective seemed way more fun. My dad wants me to stay fit, so in my life, I have played many different sports. Still, I seem to stay skinny. I also love technology, and inventing things, but I barely get to do the things I love because of all the classes my parents make me do. I was really sad about Mini being kidnapped, but now I get to see what being a detective is like. I had faith in my opinions and if I failed, the police were always there to help.

My parents had canceled all classes while the investigation was going on. I went into the living room, where all this happened, and there was a lot of commotion there. Police, in there navy blue uniforms, and detectives, in suits, where looking all around the living room. They looked for an hour, but they still couldn’t find anything. I knew there had to be something. The kidnapper had to have messed up somewhere. If they couldn’t find anything, it was just because they were not trying hard enough.

After 2 hours, they were still unsuccessful, and left. I followed them outside to the blue and red lights on the driveway. After they drove away, I knew that it would be up to me. Now it was time to get ready for the movie production party. I wore a light blue dress, that went till a little after my knees and had purple flowers at the end. I carried a light blue purse, and put a notepad and pencil in it so I could write down all the possible suspects. In other words, all men that were rivals of my parents and fit the description. Today I didn’t care about socializing with my friends.

I walked down, to see Alex wearing a light blue shirt under a navy suit, his chocolate hair neatly brushed and his hazel eyes shining with boredom. My dad wore a white shirt under a black suit. The elevator dinged and out came my mom, wearing a glittering gold dress down to her ankles. My mom always wore the most glamorous clothes. We walked down the driveway, to the limo waiting to take us to the party. I was, for once, excited for a party.

When we reached the party, we had to sign a paper which showed we were here. At the end, the paper went to my mom, since it was her party and so we could see who came and who didn’t come. Luckily, my mom always invited her rivals. “It is just something movie stars do,” she always told me.

I looked around at all her rivals. Only 10 were the right height, and only 3 had the right eye color. Maybe 4 because I didn’t know which color eyes Robert Stevens had since he never took his glasses off: not even in movies. I snuck up behind him, I was going to bump into him in the perfect way. That way, his glasses would fall off and I could see his eye color. I was talking to my brother so it would just seem like a clumsy mistake, even though I am never clumsy.

When I bumped into him, I exclaimed, “ I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bump into you.” He stood up and I saw his glasses on the floor. He turned to me and said, “ It’s ok.” I looked into his eyes, and saw they were the right color. He then turned around to pick up his glasses and walked away. So here were my suspects: Robert Stevens: the guy who’s always been jealous of my dad and his abilities since childhood. John Miller: the guy who loved my mom and was jealous when my dad married her. Richard Brinton: who just wanted more fame and more money like my parents did. And Jack Tinter, who really wasn’t an enemy, but not a friend either. For the rest of the party, I just hung out with some of my friends, but while I seemed like I was having fun, I just wanted to go home and search the living room.

Finally, at midnight, we left. I waited in bed until everyone was asleep. I then snuck out of my room to the living room. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find anything. That’s when I spotted something on the floor. It was black, and when I picked it up, I realized it was a bug. Not the insect, but the thing which was used to hear others conversations. I quickly plugged it into my computer to see if I could find a trace to see who was listening to our conversations. Sadly, there was no trace as this guy was probably better at technology than I was.

I then realized that, depending on how long this bug was here, the man could have known where to find the opener of the collar, and what was inside the collar. I ran to our house safe where we kept the opener, and it was empty. He probably heard our combination too. I needed to solve this mystery fast, or the key might have already been found.

I took a flashlight, and checked outside. I thought, the thief may have dropped something when he jumped out the window. I saw a small ziploc bag right under the window sill. Inside, was a ticket to a play from a week ago, I guess this person kept it as a souvenir. I looked to see if there was a signature, because at some plays, they make us sign our name on the ticket. This must have been one of those plays because there the signature was. Sadly, it was like most adult signatures, where nobody could understand what they had written.

Then I thought, Wait a minute, this signature must be on mom’s sheet which everyone at the party signed. Mom put the sheet on the kitchen counter, so I ran there and looked at all the suspect’s signatures. I finally found a match. The culprit was…

“ Mom, Dad.” I called. They rushed down and said,” What is it this time?” “ I was feeling a little stuffy, so I went outside and noticed this ziploc bag. Inside there was a ticket which had a signature and I found a match on the signature sheet. This person has never been to our house before so he has to be the kidnapper.” I lied because my parents wouldn’t like it if they knew I was trying to solve this.

“Who is it?” My mom exclaimed. I replied,” Richard Brinton!” “ Ugh, I hate that guy. I’ll call the police.” My dad said. When he called they said that they were on there way to his house now. We waited about and hour, until the police rang the doorbell. One of them holding Mini. The diamonds were still on her neck and they handed her and the opener to us. “ He confessed and gave us the opener. Apparently he had second thoughts before he sold the diamonds and was going to give her back. I don’t think it was a good idea to put the key in her collar,” the detective said.”Thanks for everything,” my dad said and closed the door behind them.

So now we have Mini back and are going to be more careful. We put the key in the safe and and changed the combination. We also got a normal collar for Mini and used the diamonds to make a necklace for my mom instead. Mini will never be kidnapped again.