By: Saatvik Kumar

On September 21, consumers received the release of the highly anticipated new iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. These phones are good, but they come with cons as well.

The iPhone XR is the first in the list of our three iPhones. This slim phone is considered to be the budget phone for the iPhone XS. The main highlight of  this phone is that it comes in several different colors such as red and coral. This is a great feature because we haven’t had this many finishes since the iPhone 5c. In addition to that, the XR has a relatively good screen and camera (better than the iPhone 8.) Unfortunately, Apple is still the same with its high prices; the Iphone XR starts at $749. Another downside is the same old slow Apple charging. Overall though the XR is a relatively good buy.

The iPhone XS is the advanced version of the iPhone X and is a little better than the XR, with 3D touch and a better camera. Also, there is a HDR screen. This iPhone, though, doesn’t have the wide color variety and costs about as much the original Iphone X starting at $999.

Finally, there’s the iPhone XS” It’s basically the XS with a bigger screen. Even with the big screen this phone is, in my opinion, the king of rip-offs with a whopping starting price of $1449. Overall, if you need a new iPhone, the best one to buy would be the iPhone XR which has the best specs and lowest price.