By: Guadalupe Hernandez

Getting good grades in school might not always be easy. Not taking school seriously might affect a student’s future. Success in school matters  a lot to students who want to attend the best high schools and colleges. If you want to get better grades, keep on reading.

  1. Take good notes

Write good, legible notes. Highlight important stuff or things that you think are important. You may not want to highlight too much as it defeats the  purpose.

  1. Study effectively

Make a fun way to study. Use flashcards, invite a friend, or join a homework club for help. Making a board game can help make studying fun and easy, or you can just type up your notes if it makes it easier to read. Do as much as possible to make sure you know the material.

  1. Ask for help

If you are struggling with the coursework, ask the teacher for help. The teacher is always happy to help their students. You may ask after class, during office hours, or in an email for help.

  1. Always do your homework

Time management is essential. If students are given an assignment that is due the week  after, don’t procrastinate: try to get started a few days of receiving the assignment. Homework usually contains of what there is going to be on the tests, so try to do and study the homework.

  1. Study with a friend

Bouncing ideas off each other and combining knowledge is a resource that is valuable. Just make sure you don’t  distract each other or spend your the whole time talking with each other about the day.

  1. Try to attend to every class

The importance of class attendance cannot be overemphasized. When you miss classes, you miss notes, important explanations, and  assignments. Do not think missing a class won’t make a difference. Students will have to use some of their time to get right back on track.

  1. Get organized

Students should use their planner to write down their homework and what  needs to be done. Students should write down important dates like holidays, tests, homework,and  school events.


These tips will help students get better/good grades throughout the school year and help them study.


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