By: Guadalupe Hernandez

If you want to have great Fall/Halloween decor and save money, make your own decor. It’s not as hard or as time-consuming as you think it is. In fact, most of these projects take less than 20 minutes to make. Not only does it save money, but it also gets you into the spirit of the season.


Leaf Card Art

Materials: tape, leaves, identification cards, and card holder tree

This display is a biology lesson and wall decor all in one place. Tape leaves onto identification cards created with craft store materials or printed from free templates online. Then place them onto a card holder tree.


Fall Glow

Materials: battery-powered candles, leaves, wax paper, decorative tape, and an iron

Turn wax paper and leaves into a pretty autumn lantern to use with a battery-powered votive. Cut waxed paper into 5 x 12 pieces, then fold them in half into 5 x 6 pieces. Place leaves (fresh, dried, or faux) inside the folded wax paper, then press with an iron on low heat to seal. Tape the sides together with decorative or washi tape to make a lantern and place a battery-based votive inside. (warning: waxed paper can burn, so be sure to  only use battery-powered candles.)


Cute Leaf Bowls

Materials: balloon, leaves, mod podge or decoupage glue, and a bowl

Faux leaves can become pretty lightweight bowls. Blow up a balloon (the larger the balloon the larger the bowl will be) and rest in a bowl. Cover the top of the balloon and the top sides  of the leaves with decoupage medium/mod podge. Gently layer the leaves face down on the balloon, forming a bowl. Brush more decoupage medium/mod podge on the back of the leaves. Let it dry, then poke a hole in the balloon and discard the balloon.


Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

Materials: orange spray paint, mason jar lids, cinnamon sticks, and orange yarn

Mason jar lids can be useful for making cute pumpkins. Spray paint in orange as many mason jar lids you think you will need, let it dry. Cut a piece of orange yarn and pull inside all the mason jars lids. Then, tie a knot to make them secure. Spread the lids around. Now, place 2 or more cinnamon sticks in the middle to represent the stem.

These are easy DIY fall decorations that can save you money and get you to the season spirit.