By : Bailey Sutton

Fall is the perfect season to relax with a good book. Sometimes, it can be hard to find good books to read. Here are a couple of books that are real page turners!

The Hate You Give – By Angie Thomas

This story follows the life of sixteen year old Starr Cater. When her childhood friend is driving them home from a party, he is shot by a police officer that pulls them over.  Starr learns not to stay silent and help win her friend justice for his death. Genre: Drama. Pages: 464.

Lunar Chronicles – By Marissa Meyers

This is a five book series. A cyborg girl, Cinder, lives a fairly normal life repairing broken androids to make money for her step mother. She gets entered into the cyborg draft that uses cyborgs for plague research, a fatal sickness. She thinks all hope is lost until she finds she is immune to the plague. She goes on an adventure, making new friends along the way.  Genre: Science fiction. Books: 5

Warcross – By Marie Lu

This is another series with two books out currently. Emika Chen is a bounty hunter/hacker. When she is sitting at the opening ceremony of a game, Warcross, she hacks herself into the game. The creator, Hideo, asks her to come and work for him, by playing as one of the undercover wildcard players to find a hacker trying to ruin Warcross.  Emika goes through an adventure of trying to find out who a mysterious hacker is. Genre: Science fiction. Books: 2.

One of us is Lying – By Karen M. Mcmanus

This book is in the point of view of four high school kids; Bronwyn, Addy, Cooper, and Nate. All four of them get detention with Simon, the creator of a gossip app that ruins people’s lives. Sadly, only four of them leaves the classroom. The four of them have to figure out who is lying. Genre: Mystery. Pages: 368

The War That Saved My Life – By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Nine year old girl, Ada lives in a apartment with her little brother Jamie, and her cruel mother. When World War 2 reaches London, Ada escapes with her brother to the countryside of England. Ada has one problem; she has a club foot that affects her walking. Genre: Historical Fiction. Books: 2


Hopefully some of these books will interest you. All these books are perfect to get into. Happy reading!