By Elise Barnette

      We all have those days when we think to ourselves, “I don’t want to go to school,” or “I don’t need to go.” You’re definitely not the only one who thinks that, but remember, doing well in school will make you have a better future and the life you want. There are many things you can do in school to keep yourself motivated.

     Think of the life you want as an adult. If you want a certain job, then you have to work for it. Do well and get good grades. Write down some goals you would like to achieve now, so you can have a better future as an adult.

    You should take advantage of social opportunities when you’re in school. Don’t be that grumpy kid that’s just like that because they’re in school. Enjoy your friends and classmates company. Then, you might look forward to going to school. Make use of your downtime at school. When you’re at lunch, or in between classes, it’s a good time to let your brain have a small rest and have a laugh with your friends.

         Set goals and reward yourself. If you want to be motivated at school, you need to look forward to something. Try to bargain with yourself: if you do your homework for three hours, you can watch a movie when you’re done. If you get a 100 on your test, take the weekend to relax and do what you want.

        Remember: think of the life you want as an adult, take advantage of social opportunities, and set goals and reward yourself. This will help you stay more motivated in school.