By: Sofie Turck

It’s that time of year again when retail stores start stocking up on Halloween goods. There’s everything from costumes to yard decor, but the most important thing lining the shelves is, of course, the candy.

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without candy. Imagine going up to a house and finding a trick instead of a treat. Even some treats may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people may like Sour Patch Kids more than Hershey’s, or vice versa. The point is, not all candy is favored by trick-or-treaters, so the Pin Oak Press decided to ask fifty Pin Oak students their candy opinions. The following candies were voted the most popular out of the 50 students we asked:

In first place, drumroll please, we have Kit Kat! It won with 8 votes. Kit Kats are great to give to hungry Trick-or-Treaters. With their crunchy inside and chocolatey exterior all the ghosts and goblins are sure to love these. Plus they’re easy to find at any store.

In second place we have…a tie!? That’s right. We have a tie between Skittles and Candy Corn with five votes each. They’re very different, but both very good candy options. Skittles are bright and colorful, and have a variety of flavors in just one pack. The fruity candy is sure going to be a hit, but you have to decide if you would rather grab the candy corn at the store. Candy Corn is a treat primarily only found in stores in the fall. So what better way to indulge in this cute orange, yellow, and white treat than on Halloween?!

Last but not least, in third place is…another tie! We have a 3-way tie between Twix, Reeses, and Jolly Ranchers with four votes each! The decisions are just getting harder and harder. With Twix you get biscuit, caramel, and chocolate all in one. Reeses have the perfect balance of salty and sweet with their peanut butter inside and chocolate outside. Jolly Ranchers can last in the princesses and superheroes mouths practically all night long, and are fruity as can be.

If you get any of these Halloween candies Trick-or-Treaters are sure to hit up your house. Just remember to save some for yourself.