By: Whitley McBride

There are many great administrative roles at Pin Oak but one you may not know about is the magnet coordinator’s role, which is filled by none other than Mrs. Heemer.

Mrs. Heemer loves to read and workout. She enjoys things like coffee, chocolate (Cadbury), and spending time with her kids, Jack and Charlotte. Her son, Jack, goes to Pin Oak. He’s currently in 6th grade while her daughter, Charlotte, is in 4th grade. Mrs. Heemer was born and raised in Lake Charles. She went to Louisiana State University. She moved from Lake Charles to Houston because the malls, museums, and the city life attracted her.

Mrs. Heemer taught 17 years before going back to school to get her master’s degree in administration. She thought about being a teacher or a principal. The magnet coordinator job stuck out to Mrs. Heemer because it wasn’t teaching, but it wasn’t being a principal either; it was a mix of both positions. She would be able to work with kids and parents and still have a role as a leader.

Her love for teaching hasn’t stopped. Her favorite part about her job is working in the lunch line, interacting with the kids, and letting the kids know that there’s an adult they can trust in the building.