By : Bailey Sutton

Ahhh fall. The time of cool weather and leaves changing. With this new, wonderful season approaching us, it’s time to think of some fun fall activities! Here are a few things you can do this fall.

  1. Fall shopping

Whether it’s for some new season fashion or fall decorations, shopping in the fall is certainly a fun weekend activity. Making sure you’re prepared for the cool weather is always important, and you can never forget the fall spirit! Shopping for some fake leaves and pumpkins can really add some season cheer to your home.

  1. Baking

There are an abundance of yummy fall treats you can make to get your friends and family into the season cheer. You can make pumpkin pie, caramel apples, hot cocoa and many more.  

  1. Biking

Fall is the perfect time to get your bike out and enjoy a nice ride in the cool, fresh air. In Houston, it is normally too hot to do outdoor activities. Now that fall is here, you can go out and enjoy the great biking weather!

  1. Spending time with family and friends

This is something you can always do. Spending time with your family is a great way to socialize and have fun.

  1. Hay Rides

Hay rides are a fun thing you can do with your friends and family on a cool, fall weekend. It is relaxing and fun as you ride around on a bale of hay.  

  1. Pin Oak Fall Festival

The Fall festival is a fun event hosted by Pin Oak once every year.  There are games, rides, the world culture project, and some students perform. This is a exciting event you can go to that will get you into the fall spirit.

  1. Reading

Reading is always a  relaxing fall activity to do. You can sit outside with a good book and enjoy the fall weather.

These activities can help get you into the fall spirit and make your fall a little more fun.