By : Bailey Sutton

People have a hard time getting used to their school schedules after having a long summer. They hardest part is waking up and trying to get to school on time. Here are a few tips to help you get to school on time and prepared.

  1. Set Alarms

Setting alarms can be really helpful. You can set one to wake you up, or remind you to grab your ID. Another handy alarm to set would be one that give you a five minute warning for when you need to leave. This will let you know to get your stuff by the door, and ready for another day of learning.

  1. Lay Your Clothes Out the Night Before

This is something everyone should do. It’s always annoying to search for your uniform when you’re rushing in the morning.  Laying out everything you need the night before allows you to get dressed without any fashion dilimas.

  1. Putting Your ID on The Door Handle

A lot of the students forget their ID’s in the morning.  If you can’t find it in the morning, searching for it can cause you to be late. A easy solution for this problem is to place it on your door handle. This way when you’re leaving, you will always remember to grab it.

  1. Packing Your Bag the Night Before

Getting your stuff in your backpack makes it easy to grab and go. This also helps prevent you from forgetting other school items.  

  1. Make Sure You Have Everything Before You Leave

When your about to leave for school, run a checklist through your head to make sure you have everything you need. This way, if you have forgotten anything you can quickly grab it.


Following these tips will help you be prepared for the school mornings and get you to class on time.