By: Sofie Turck

October 31st, a day of tricks and treats. A night full of candy, costumes, and…homework?! Halloween seems to fall on a school night every year. Which is disappointing since everyone wants to be trick or treating or watching scary movies. Instead we’re inside stressing over homework. Now I’m not saying that your studies aren’t important, because they are definitely more important than any movie you watch or candy you eat, but it would be nice to have a balance of both. Here are some tips on how to still enjoy that Halloween school night:

  1. Talk to your teachers

Talking to your teachers about giving you your homework early can be really helpful. If you ask to get your homework the day before, then you won’t have anything to do on Halloween night.

  1. Make a schedule

Having a game plan is great to know what time you’ll be able to knock on that first door. If you plan out when you’ll do your homework and use your time wisely, you’ll be out trick or treating and still have your work done.

  1. Finish your green day homework the day before

By now you know that Pin Oak has blue and green days. This is very helpful because you can complete all your green day homework the day it’s assigned. On Halloween, Wednesday, all you’re left with is blue day homework.

  1. Don’t procrastinate

Ahh procrastination…it’s probably something we’ve all done before. Instead of working, you watch Tv, have a snack break, and end up starting on homework late. On any night, Halloween especially, you should get started right when you get home. You’ll have the candy and good grades to look forward to.

  1. Remember to enjoy yourself

Although there’s school the next day, you still need to enjoy yourself.  The candy is waiting to be eaten and the movies are waiting to be watched, so maybe you have a lot of homework, but when that’s done, if time permits, treat yourself!

Whether you’ll be trick or treating, or do something as small as sneaking a piece of candy from the bowl by the door, you still should enjoy Halloween when work is finished. So go out there in that itchy costume and treat yourself. You deserve it!