By: Sofie Turk

Mornings can get very hectic, causing you to run late for school. It’s hard to wake up early and get ready quickly all in a short period of time. Here are some tips to help you utilize your mornings and help you get out of that door on time:

  1. Pack your lunch the night before

If you take your lunch to school then it would probably be a good idea to pack it the night before, rather than the morning of. Packing your lunch the night before will give you time in the morning to do more important things. You can just keep your lunch in the fridge and put it together in the morning. Just don’t forget it!

  1. Lay out your clothes

Picking and laying out your clothes the night before can make dressing time faster in the mornings. If you know what your going to wear then you won’t have to spend time putting an outfit together. Since we have uniforms, it will take no time at all to pick out your clothes at night.

  1. Eat a quick breakfast

Breakfast can be time consuming since you want to give yourself enough time to eat and enjoy your food. To cut down on breakfast time you could eat a quicker meal. For example pancakes may not be the best thing to eat in rushed mornings because they take awhile to prepare and eat. However, something like hard-boiled eggs, breakfast bars, and cereal are easy and quick to eat.

  1. Wake up early

I know your probably rolling your eyes as you read this one, but it’s very important you wake up at a decent time so you have time in the morning. These tips are supposed to make your mornings quicker, but that doesn’t mean you can wake up later. You probably stay up late doing homework, which is totally understandable. Of course it isn’t a good thing you finish your homework late, but sometimes it’s hard not to with everything else you may have going on. You should make a schedule for yourself so you go to bed and wake up at a decent time. All your teachers will be happy your not dozing of in class because you’ll be well rested.

  1. Take a shower at night

Taking a sower in the morning can be very time consuming. Showers aren’t quick and piling blow drying your hair, if you do, on top of that adds even more time. If you take your shower or bath at night you won’t have to spend your whole morning taking one. Plus it will relax you for a good night’s rest!

Hopefully you start walking out of that door on time with a full belly and a well rested mind. Mornings shouldn’t be stressful! If your supposed to be preparing for the stressful day ahead of you, why would you want it to start right then and there?