By: Jason Deng

Imagine if you were told that you had won $687 million and that you would have to split the money with another winner. That would be $343.5 million per person which means they could spend 11 million per month if they choose to take the winnings in 30 payments or 17 million per million if they choose to take the whole winning and pay the 38 percent tax for a year, which is almost a million a day for that certain year! This massive amount of money was won by two winners, one in New York and one in Iowa, on Saturday, October 29.

Now, this amount of money isn’t the most amount of jackpot money split by two winners and it certainly isn’t the first split of a Powerball jackpot_ for the largest split of a Powerball jackpot was on a value of $1.586 billion that was split three ways. With this new information, this Saturday jackpot is immediately outmatched in every aspect, such as value and number of people that the jackpot was split by. However, this value is still very impressive because if you had all the money of this jackpot in $100 bills it could make a stack as high as the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa.

All in all even if there were only 2 winners of this immense amount of money, there are also plenty of minor awards for guessing some numbers correct, lottery officials say. For instance, two people in Florida and Texas won $2 million and 13 others in nine other states each won $1 million, so as the lottery officials say: Don’t throw away your ticket yet!