By: Kate Jeong

One of my personal favorite classes is the yearbook staff. If you are talented artistically, love to take professional photos with cameras, and are interested in scrapbooking, yearbook would be the perfect fit for you.

Yearbook is composed of 12 members who are competent with technology, cameras, and creative writing and ideas. Applicants must submit an application in order to join, and if accepted, they get so many benefits for joining this amazing staff.

First benefit: Learning how to take pictures the proper way and adjusting light, speed, and so much more. The staff is headed by Ms. Beckman, who is the photography teacher. They get to learn so much about the art of photography from her. These cameras are also state of the art, modern cameras they get to experiment with.

Second benefit: They get free entrance to all school related activities. A tad too late to buy the tickets to the dance? No worries, they get free access as long as they bring that camera along for a bunch of shots for the yearbook!

Third benefit: Yearbook parties. The yearbook staff has many parties over the whole year. Right now they are currently having a Halloween party, which is sure to be fun and sweet treat filled for the celebration of spooky season! They also have gift exchanges and more for multiple holidays, which many find very exciting.

Fourth benefit: Many staff members agree here- there are many times when the yearbook contains many ill-looking snaps of them. But if they’re on the staff creating the pages with their own hands, surely that disaster is prevented. This also goes for quotes as well, as they don’t want the mistaken quote in the book!

Fifth benefit: They get to listen to their favorite music as they edit. Listening to music of their choice for 90 minutes as they edit pictures? Many staff members say this is great, especially since editing photos are more of an enjoyable activity than gruesome schoolwork.

The pros could go on and on, but by then, the entire newspaper would be filled. Definitely, the yearbook is a marvelous elective that is fun filled and enjoyable. Lots know for sure that they’ll be doing this next year- after all, this is one of the classes they could have so much fun in!