By Kate Jeong

We take pictures all the time; it’s a part of our everyday life. Whether it be at a social function, trip to some cool place, or just a fun selfie with friends, we all take pictures on a daily basis. However, is there a way for your pictures to be unique and different from millions of other pictures and to have high quality?

  1. First off, you have to have a good camera. If your camera lens are scratched and blurry, it’s incredibly hard to take high resolution pictures. Try wiping them spotless with a handkerchief. Be careful, though- it can’t be just any old piece of fabric. There are custom camera lens wipers, but glasses lens wipers work as well.
  2. Get closer to the object you are taking a picture of. Robert Capa, a famous photojournalist, is well known for his quote “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” This is absolutely true, so go ahead and get in close.
  3. Getting close if fine, but not zoom. Zooming will pixelate the pictures and make it look unnatural and unappealing.
  4. Make use of the timer. Set the timer at an appropriate time length and pose for your picture!
  5. Lower exposure for quality sunrise and sunset pictures.
  6. Turn off the camera sound on your phone. That will most likely distract.
  7. Find an interesting angle. Say, for instance, if you are taking a picture of an intriguing cloud, don’t just snap a picture. Put some pizazz and your own style to it. Experiment what kind of angle you want it to take, even if it’s a slight degree of change.
  8. See where the light is coming from. Try to see where the source of light is coming from, and use it to help your photography.
  9. Find a focus point. The camera will have a very professional look if there is a focus on a detail with the rest of the background being slightly blurry. Create a depth in your photo.
  10. Do not use flash. It is not helpful.
  11. Crop your pictures. Take the boring uninteresting parts out of your piece.
  12. Edit your pictures to polish it off. Some apps I recommend are Adobe Lightroom, PicsArt, and VSCO. I especially recommend VSCO if you are looking for some quality filters. The app is also a form of social media because you can follow other people and republish their pictures. (Republishing is like “liking” their pictures.)
  13. Add a grid to your camera before taking a snap. You can control this on your phone by going to settings.
  14. Add stickers to your photos. Give it some interesting view.
  15. Add doodles to your pictures. They will give your pictures a creative approach.
  16. Golden hour is a fun period of time for giving your picture subjects a glowing look. It is at the evening around 6pm.
  17. Shoot from a low angle. Low is always good.
  18. Use burst mode when something is in fast motion.
  19. Make sure to practice! Keep trying on honing your skills.
  20. Have confidence! You should always try first and know that you can do this as long as you give it all you got!

These are a few fun ways to give your photos a defined quality look. They will for sure brighten up your pictures and make them look very appealing.

Pin Oak also offers photography classes. It is an elective where you get to work with good technology cameras from Canon. There is also more challenging photography classes such as advanced photography and yearbook. You get to learn many photography, editing, and photoshopping techniques.