By: Ghazal Jannesari

Farmers markets are like a more exciting, fun, healthy version of grocery stores! Here are some reasons why you should shop at your local farmers market!

It helps the environment. Buying and eating foods from your local vendors saves lots of packaging waste. Farmers markets offer fresh food, maybe even fresher than your grocery store! There is pesticide free food that is healthy for you and your body. Also, you get more bang for your buck shopping at farmers markets because it eliminates all shipping costs since it’s all locally grown.

Going to local farmers markets gets you involved in the community. It is a great way to get younger kids and siblings out and about. Kids and adults enjoy learning where the food came from and how it is grown. Meeting farmers face to face gives you the opportunity to learn how to food is produced and the people who work hard to bring you delicious nutrition filled food. Experiencing all the smells and visuals makes it even better.

Grocery stores usually do not give you tips and tricks on how to prepare and cook your ingredients, but the ranchers and farmers providing the ingredients have a lot of experience and offer plenty of free advice about how to prep the food.

Most importantly, It’s fun! Meeting locals, feeling more connected to community, and better health for your family and soul are just a couple reasons why you should shop at your local farmers markets.

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