Amazon Rainforest Fire

By William Wu, edited by Kate Jeong

On August 27, 2019 Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced that he would only accept G-7’s offer of 27 million dollars to fight the Amazon fires only if the French President Emmanuel Macron apologized about his statement that the Brazilian President was a liar. Also, Bolsonaro’s campaign might have something to do with it; after all, Bolsonaro pledged to build a highway and power plants in the forest. So, this incident might seem to him as a golden opportunity as he won’t need to spend money on clearing the forest. To make matters worse, Bolsonaro has been in a recent war with the French and was not feeling kindly to his insult to the looks of his wife. “First of all, Macron has to withdraw his insults. He called me a liar. Before we talk or accept anything from France, he must withdraw these words then we can talk,” Bolsonaro said. The two leaders have become obsessed in a deeply personal and public war, with Bolsonaro mocking Macron’s wife on Facebook and accusing the French leader of disrespecting Brazil‘s sovereignty. President Emmanuel Macron of France went so far, on Friday, as to accuse President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil of lying about being committed to fighting climate change and protecting the Amazon forest. Macron said the money isn’t just aimed at Brazil but also the nine other countries in the Amazon region, including countries like Colombia and Bolivia. France, also for some reason considers itself an Amazon country via its overseas territory of French Guiana. The number of blazes recorded across the Amazon in Brazil has risen 79% this year through Aug. 25, according to Brazil‘s space research agency. We should be worried as the Amazon Rainforest provides more than 20 % of the worlds oxygen and we need oxygen considering all the pollution the world produces daily. Air Pollution causing people to get asthma and other respiratory diseases. Trees help prevent that and if Bolsonaro and Macron don’t get over their petty war, there’s going to be an added 20% of pollution into the world. Also The Amazon houses 10% of all the world’s known species and that’s a lot, though 99% of all species are extinct and will never come back unless we revive them, but that technology is probably far off into the future. We should be focused on our survival and for the future generations so they can build that technology so if we are polluting the environment right now, people in the future are probably going to get asthma or lung cancer from our neglectance of the ecosystem.Therefore, if we save the Rainforest, we save the ecosystem, help ourselves, and don’t end up on the animals extinct list.

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