By Dia Vaswani & Sarah Rimawi

This year, we have a new counselor at Pin Oak, Ms. Rowe.   Before becoming a counselor, Ms. Rowe taught history for three years at Grant Middle School. She wanted to be a counselor, but to do that she had to teach for at least two years, so after teaching for three years, she immediately became a counselor. She has been counseling for four years before coming to Pin Oak. The reason she became a counselor at a middle school is because she had mentored middle school students in college. To get her bachelor’s degree in psychology, she went to Texas A&M in Corpus Christi. Later on, she went to UT Tyler to get her master’s degree in school counseling. Ms. Rowe’s favorite part about being a counselor is helping students. In her opinion, the hardest part about being a counselor is that there are more kids than she can help. 

Onto more personal things, some of her hobbies include playing with her dog, Bruno, and playing video games. She also loves Pokémon and Harry Potter. By the way, for all those Harry Potter fans, she is a Ravenclaw. Her favorite place to go is Japan because of the food, culture, and anime. Ms. Rowe’s mom is her role model. Her hard work inspired Ms. Rowe to help people. Ms. Rowe had originally planned to become a nurse, but then changed her mind because of the busy schedulings. 

Ms. Rowe wants the students here at Pin Oak to know that “Everything will be okay, it may seem like the end of the world, but just wait ‘til tomorrow, and things will be better.”

Welcome to Pin Oak Middle School, Ms. Rowe! 

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