The Origin of Pin Oak Middle School

By Kenna Lee

Edited By Kate Jeong

You trudge through its halls every day on the way to classes, you learn new subjects every day in its rooms, and you relax every day in its cafeteria.  You are in this place every weekday. This is Pin Oak Middle School.

Pin Oak may just seem like a typical middle school that you go to every weekday.  However, there is more history to this grand school than what you would expect. According to Ms. Linsley from 8C, around the 1970s or 80s,  our school was not even here. Instead, it was just a large piece of land that served as a place where the upper class could ride their horses and host races.  The annual large charity horse show hosted there was named the Pin Oak Horse Show. After a while, however, the Texas A & M Cadets helped tear down the stable to rebuild it.  In fact, Ms. Linsley’s son-in-law was part of the cadet team that tore down the stables. Once the stables were rebuilt, the horse shows continued. Until later on, it was decided that the city would use this plot of land to build a school.

Originally, Bellaire High School was going to occupy this area.  However, Bellaire High School objected and instead, the city decided to build a middle school in its place.  Pin Oak was named after the Pin Oak Horse Show and now occupies the space where the horse show once was. Some of the first teachers to be hired into Pin Oak were Dr. Hamilton, Ms. Linsley, and Coach Butler.  Pin Oak is a wonderful school with an incredible history. Our history tells a lot about our past, but it could also tell us about where we’re headed.

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