The Right Mindset

By Matthew Jeong

As you grow older, school and other extracurricular activities will only get more challenging. Some people will be able to go through the changes without much problems. However, many also struggle with adapting to the changes and struggle mentally and physically. People can get depressed or have low self esteem. They sometimes think that they are just not good enough, or can’t get better. Some people tell themselves that everything will be fine, but don’t do anything to help themselves. This is not the right mentality for success. There are ways to train ourselves to have the right mentality. If you think you can not do it, you won’t be able to do it. If you are downcast and won’t believe in yourself being able to be successful, there is no way you would actually even try to reach your maximum potential. Having low self esteem keeps you from getting or even trying to get better.

Because our brain is like a muscle, you can train your brain and cause it to adapt and grow. Especially for people at a young age, it is easier for the brain to rearrange itself not only by minor changes, but also fundamentally. Adults also are able to do this. They were once thought to not be able to have their brain altered severely, but this theory was recently disproved. A study was shown on how Lonodon cabbies’ brains grew to navigate streets detailed findings on how the hippocampus of the cabbies were much more engorged than that of a regular person. The hippocampus is a section in the brain that is crucial for long-term memory and spatial navigation. Because the cabbies had grown to adapt to navigating their way through complex road systems, their hippocampus had actually enlarged. This happened to adults, who were thought to be unable to rearrange the basic structure of their brain. Mental athletes are also shown to be able to use the hippocampus far more than an average person because of the fact that they train to do so. In fact, children and teens’ brains are much more influential than adults. This means that it only requires training to get your mind to be better. However, when having your brain into adapting into into its situations, it would probably be most preferable to have a good situation to adapt to. Having a good situation in which you can train your brain with mental exercises and work is one of the best ways to have it change for the better. 

Having the right mentality can also help you train for sports and physical activities. The right discipline helps your body as well as your mind. Sports are difficult. That is something that will hold true to every single sport there is. It requires practice and dedication like many other things in life to succeed. Training your body and practicing will take grit and perseverance, not just being born athletic or being faster and stronger than others naturally. People can still catch up to others through hard work in sports as well. You can train your muscles or have the perfect movement for your activity only through arduous tasks. This is why having the right mentality is such a crucial asset to daily life.

Your body and brain is not the only thing you can change about you. Another crucial part is having a good self esteem. If you think you are not good enough and start lagging behind, the only thing that remains for you to do is work hard to catch up. How much IQ you had when you were born amounts to very little as you grow older. You can train your mind to become better. This will require grit and perseverance, and can be arduous. However, giving up will only mean that you have lost. It would mean that you would only get behind even more. It is a difficult world and it isn’t possible for you to relax and give up, but expect everything to work out. Not doing anything to adjust your situation and mentality for the better but expecting the better is a time wasting process. This would be detrimental and would only result in you being even more likely to give up. Some people think they were just born stupid, or just can’t do it. Genetics is only part of the answer. As in the example of the tortoise and the hare, the one that was born with better genetics(the hare) lost to the one who was not born to be fast(turtle), because he worked harder than the hare. This is also true for real life. It is not a question of whether you are not good enough, but it is a question of how you can get better. Doing this isn’t easy, but if it was easy everyone would be successful. Having the right mentality and being able to focus and persevere is an important trait to have in order to be successful. You don’t get better by deceiving yourself that everything will work out. Instead, you have to work for it.

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