National Junior Honor Society

By Kate Jeong

So, you’ve heard it on the morning announcements that blare through the speakers into your half-asleep mind, on the reminders on messaging apps, and your teachers encouraging you to join. 

But really, what is the National Junior Honor Society?

NJHS is an international student organization that honors and withholds the five pillars: scholarship, citizenship, service, leadership, and character. Over the school year and summer break, members volunteer their time by taking part in helping our community.

This organization is important as you are making a difference in your community. NJHS brings out a side of us that are model citizens by lending a hand to others. Our personal assets can lead us to be a hero of our neighborhood. NJHS members, being leaders of the school, promote excellence in all areas with academics and personal life. Membership in NJHS allows students to reach the highest potential offered by our school. 

In middle school, we are approaching the time where our decisions really impact our future. Our choices can direct us into the path we want, and NJHS can nurture in teenagers becoming responsible members. 

You know what it is; now, how do you apply? 

Ms. Sher and Ms. Reynolds, our 2019-2020 NJHS advisors, will accept applications in the beginning of the school year. You must have a minimum of a 93 for core class grade average, and fill out a resume describing your achievements. Later, when accepted, an induction ceremony takes place, welcoming inductees into the chapter. 

Volunteering is necessary for NJHS members. There are 20 hours required minimum for achieved hours during the school and summer year. What better way is there to spend your free time than to commit yourself to lending others a hand? You can develop characteristics that launch a better you, and while you’re helping, you’re gaining as well. 

National Junior Honor Society has a leadership team as well that overviews and heads the meeting every month. 

Get to know this year’s leadership team: 

  • President, Kate Jeong 
  • Vice President, Kenna Lee 
  • Treasurer, Evelyn Gau
  • Secretary, Chaahat Batra / Zinab Mohammed 
  • Marketing Committee, Hannah Tejtel / Alexandra Maglaras / Isabella Hendricks / Abigail Von Eik 
  • Historian, Ardiana Batuigas 
  • General Council, Tyla Robinson / Hunter Lee / Chandni Kumar 

The 2019-2020 National Junior Honor Society’s Pin Oak chapter is headed towards a great year. We cannot wait to see how our very own Chargers are contributing their resources and values towards our community. 

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