The School Nurse

By  Dia Vaswani & Sarah Rimawi

This year at Pin Oak Middle School, we have a new nurse, Ms.Troetscher. She was born and raised in Germany. She goes there often to visit her cousins, who still live there. Later on, she moved to Houston and attended the University of Houston, TX. After graduating, she became a salesperson. Then, she realized that being a salesperson didn’t give any meaning in her life, and she decided to become a school nurse. She has been a nurse since 1995.

Being a nurse has many pros and cons. One of Ms.Troetscher’s favorite parts about being a school nurse is working with kids. It makes her happy to help out kids who need it. But being a nurse does come with hardships. For example, Ms.Troetscher thinks that the hardest part about being a nurse are the high expectations that everyone sets. They expect her to be “perfect” and be able to fix everything. So far, she loves being here at Pin Oak. Her favorite part has been the students and she has not had any complaints about our wonderful school!

Outside of school, Ms.Troetscher has many hobbies. One of these many hobbies is photography. She loves nature, too! She combines these and takes many pictures of the natural world around her. She also likes traveling to different places around the world. She hopes to explore the world even more. Specifically, she wants to go to Oregon National Park.

One thing that Ms. Troetscher really wants the students of Pin Oak Middle School to know is to eat healthier. Be sure to eat your vegetables!

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