By Sarah Rimawi and Dia Vaswani

Edited by Kenna Lee

This year at Pin Oak, we have a new house principal in C house,    Ms. Ryan. Before becoming a house principal, Ms. Ryan taught 6th to 8th grade social studies, math, science, and English. She wanted to become a middle school principal because she loves middle school, the kids there, and leading education. She studied at the University of St. Thomas. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science. She also has a master’s degree in educational leadership. Ms. Ryan’s favorite part about being a principal is the kids. In her opinion, the hardest part of her job is managing email communication and disciplining students.

Some of Ms. Ryan’s hobbies are drawing, calligraphy, and listening to music. Her favorite band is Descendants- not the Disney movie, but an actual band. Her favorite subjects in school were government and social studies because she had excellent teachers. She has lived in many places including Phoenix, Virginia, and Austin. She has even lived in Lyon, France! Not only has she lived in multiple places, but she has also traveled to multiple fun destinations such as Costa Rica, Washington DC, and Hawaii. She is originally from Houston, TX.

Did you know that Ms. Ryan is vegan? She loves animals and has many pets. If she wasn’t our C-house principal, she would have definitely been a veterinarian because of her love for animals. 

Ms. Ryan’s role models are her grandmother and her teacher. Her favorite part about POMS so far has been the welcoming kids. The hospitality at Pin Oak towards her has been great! So far, she has helped many students solve situations here at Pin Oak!

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