Meet Ms. Swinney!

By Kenna Lee

This year, we have a new TREK teacher: Ms. Swinney!  Ms. Swinney was born and raised from Lafayette, Louisiana.  For college, Ms. Swinney attended Louisiana State University (LSU). Before she came to Pin Oak, Ms. Swinney worked as a teacher in New York City for 4 years teaching Special-Ed. However, if Ms. Swinney did not become a teacher, she would have been a meteorologist because of her love for the weather and she thinks that it would be super fun to be on camera. 

Ms. Swinney also has a fun variety of hobbies. She enjoys running, playing with her dog, spending time with friends and family, kayaking, and reading!  Ms. Swinney’s favorite school subjects were theatre, social studies, and history.  Ms. Swinney’s favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz.  Everyone has someone that they look up to.  Ms. Swinney’s role model is her mom because she always works very hard, but never complains.  Ms. Swinney’s favorite thing about Pin Oak is the welcoming staff and the students.  She believes that Pin Oak has the best students in Houston.

When Ms. Swinney was named Beginning Teacher of the Year, she felt really nice and was very honored.  Ms. Swinney wanted to become a teacher because she thinks that it is a rewarding job.  She especially enjoys middle school because it is a place where students can grow and learn a great deal about themselves.  Her favorite part about being a teacher is laughing with all the wonderful students.   She thinks that the hardest part of her job working with students from all the grade levels and having to organize all of the work.  She also has to work with many different teachers.  She believes that the easiest part of her job is her first-period one-person study lab. Finally, Ms. Swinney’s message to all students is, “If you are finding middle school to be hard don’t worry because life will get better. Be kind to each other.” 

Ms. Swinney is a very kind and fun teacher.  Congratulations Ms. Swinney!

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