Need advice about life, school, friends, or even love? The Pin Oak Press is here to help! Send us your questions and we will give your our answers! You can submit by commenting on this page, or by dropping your question in the jars in your house office! 


Q. How do I join the team?

-from future journalist

A. It’s really simple all you have to do is choose journalism as an elective when the 2nd semester rolls around.  


Q. Who dat?

– From Confused Carrot

A. Well, we’re glad you asked! Pin Oak Press is an elective class during 3rd period. In this class you will write a number of articles for our newspaper and website. There are also different leadership opportunities such as: Editor in Chief, Copy Editor, Publicity Lead, Layout Lead, Photography lead, and many more! It is a semester long class, but can be taken full year as well.


Q. How do I get a boyfriend?

     -From timid Tammy

A. Should you really be worrying about boys (they are gross) when you could focus on school, friends, and yourself? Don’t you remember the good ‘ol days when everyone had “cooties?” If you are nervous, have your friends talk to the boy you like, and maybe that will help you start talking to him.


Q. How do I get a girlfriend?

   -From desperate Daniel

A. Same as above, but with girls (cooties!)  


Q.How do I get friends?

-From loney Lucy

A.When getting friends you should always remember to stay true to yourself. The best way to make friends is to open up and start talking to people you don’t know.


Q. How can I be cool?

– From clout chaser

A. Be yourself!


Q. What do you do when your friend gets tired of you and they get another friend?

– From Upside Down Smile

A. Real friends should never leave you behind. If someone just forgets about you, then they aren’t your real friend. People change, but you shouldn’t change for them. Just look for actual friends by being yourself!


Q. I play football, soccer, and am also a Boy Scout. I’m having trouble doing all my homework, doing well at practice, etc.  How do I do it all?

– From Stressed-out Stan

A. Glad you came to us for help! A good solution to your problem is to make sure you use your time wisely. If you have time in class, start to work on your homework. You also should talk to your teachers and coaches about this if it becomes a real problem. Sometimes, it’s not preferable, but you have to prioritize and lessen the load by not participating in everything! Real life is hard like that.