Meet Ms. Swinney!

By Kenna Lee This year, we have a new TREK teacher: Ms. Swinney!  Ms. Swinney was born and raised from Lafayette, Louisiana.  For college, Ms. Swinney attended Louisiana State University (LSU). Before she came to Pin Oak, Ms. Swinney worked as a teacher in New York City for 4 years teaching Special-Ed. However, if Ms. … Continue reading Meet Ms. Swinney!

Death Dogs: Jackals Of Ancient Egypt

Amaal Ali The Egyptian jackal gods, represented with jackal heads on human bodies or entirely as animals, are distinctively Egyptian deities. They served essential functions in the Egyptians’ understanding of what happened after death and acted as guides and protectors in the complex process of reaching the afterlife. We do not know exactly when and … Continue reading Death Dogs: Jackals Of Ancient Egypt