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By: Shewit Asgodom The homecoming dance is just the beginning of the end of the entire week of homecoming. The homecoming dance is after we have our homecoming game and the point of this is to celebrate our wonderful sports teams of 2017-2018. Coach Fredricks is not only in charge of the homecoming dance, she is in charge of the

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By: Tessa Diara The Red Ribbon Campaign is the largest and oldest drug prevention program in the United States. Each year, this campaign organizes one week dedicated to inspiring teenagers to not do drugs. The campaign began in 1985 and the first Red Ribbon Week was in 1988. People participate in Red Ribbon Week to show their personal commitment to

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By: Jenna Sellars This Halloween, change up your style by making your OWN Halloween costume! Of course classics are always easy, but dressing up as a typical ghost or other generic Halloween character is BORING. Find a cool movie or book you love and get crafting! You don’t even have to get into the sewing business. If that’s not your

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