Meet Ms. Swinney!

By Kenna Lee This year, we have a new TREK teacher: Ms. Swinney!  Ms. Swinney was born and raised from Lafayette, Louisiana.  For college, Ms. Swinney attended Louisiana State University (LSU). Before she came to Pin Oak, Ms. Swinney worked as a teacher in New York City for 4 years teaching Special-Ed. However, if Ms. … Continue reading Meet Ms. Swinney!

3-D Printing Changes the Face of Medicine

By Jason Deng, edited by Kate Jeong The average 3-D printer prints out plastic models and figurines, but doctors have used this “miracle machine” to create fully-functional organs dubbed “plastic cadavers” and new surgical tools, some that are even the size of your thumb.  Printing Organs When we first started out with 3-D printing in … Continue reading 3-D Printing Changes the Face of Medicine